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Carpet Repair & Reinstallation (RRT)

This comprehensive three-day course includes both carpet repair and reinstallation. The course includes hands-on repair and installation demonstrations. Students will learn many of the repairs themselves. Included with the course is an actual mobile house where students can see and practice hands-on application. Come prepared to "do-it-yourself". This class is designed for professional cleaners, water and fire damage restoration technicians, maintenance personnel responsible for the total upkeep of the carpeting, and carpet inspectors and certifiers. Course content includes: •Technician safety considerations • Inspect to know what to expect • Carpet construction - the product • Tools of the trade • Floor preparation • Adhesives • Tackless, metals, moldings • Cushion/pad installation • Seaming • Stretching • Specific carpet repairs - removing hotmelt seaming tape, bubbles in direct glue down, modular tiles, butterfly repair, identification process of delamination, buckling or bubbles, delamination repair process, permanent section - "cosmetic transplants", re-stretching and creating negative stretchby's to alleviate many permanent section needs. Attendance at this course qualifies you to take the IICRC exam for Certified Repair and Reinstallation Technician (RRT).





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