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Steam Way School Policies and Information

  1. All classes are subject to adequate pre-registration.
  2. No smoking is allowed during class time.
  3. Audio tape recorders are welcome. No video tape recorders, please.
  4. Schedules are set by the Steam Way® Distributor representing each area and are based upon interest demonstrated by cleaners and restorers in those areas. If you are interested in a particular school, notify your local Steam Way® Distributor. Prices are determined by the sponsoring distributor.
  5. Unless noted in the description, course manuals and educational books for sale are different, but complimentary.
  6. All policies concerning IICRC rules and regulations are set by the IICRC.
  7. Steam Way Schools for IICRC Certification are taught within the generic covenants set by the IICRC. All schools are taught to be useful to the student regardless of the product line they are using. All attendees receive a certificate of completion.
  8. Steam Way® reserves the right to substitute instructors in the case of an emergency. Some classes may include guest instructors.
  9. Not all schools sponsored by Steam Way® Distributors are Steam Way® International Schools. Please contact the sponsoring distributor for more information.
  10. All Steam Way® educational activities come with a money back guarantee: If you do not feel the information received was worth your registration fees, inform your sponsor by lunch time of the first day, and your fees will be refunded.
  11. The instructor or the sponsor reserves the right to dismiss disruptive or unruly students from the school by refunding their registration fees.





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