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Advanced Spot & Stain Treatment Removal (ASR)

This advanced one-day course is designed for professional cleaning contractors, in-house maintenance personnel, building service contractors, and carpet mill technical service and claims representatives. Advanced stain treatment procedures are emphasized, including the use of bleaches, heat transfer, and steam transfer. Recommended prerequisites for this course are Complete Carpet Care (CCT). Course content includes: • The advanced laws of spotting • Definitions, terminology • Your value as a cleaner/spot remover • The role of spotting in your customer service menu • Characteristics of spots/stains • Characteristics of carpet that affect spot removal/stain treatment • Spotting equipment • detergents of spot removal/stain treatment • Four steps of spot removal • Specialized stain treatment procedures • Keys for success • Special problems • Role of fabric protectors • Warranty service and claims handling. Included in this course is a hands-on mystery spot and stain identification contest. This class also includes hands-on spot removal and stain treatment as a major part of the afternoon session. Come prepared to do the work yourself. All spotting equipment and detergents will be provided. Attendance at this course will qualify you for IICRC continuing education credits (CEC). All successful attendees will be provided with a certificate of completion (ASR).





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